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Diabetes presents a serious health challenge for Scotland. The Scottish Diabetes Framework published in April 2002 sought to draw together existing guidance and best practice and to set out the first steps of a 10-year programme to address the problem of diabetes. This was followed up in 2006 with the Action Plan which came out of a review of the Framework and set out an ambitious programme for the next three years. The Scottish Diabetes Group (SDG) is a national Steering Group which coordinates the implementation of the Framework.

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People with Diabetes

Over 200,000 people in Scotland are known to have diabetes. This represents 4.1% of the population. There are believed to be thousands more who have not yet been diagnosed.

Visit NHS Scotland's interactive diabetes website for support for people with diabetes.

Patient website

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Managed Clinical Networks

Diabetes Managed Clinical Networks (MCN) were established to bring together clinicians, patients and carers to work across traditional boundaries in planning and delivering diabetes care.

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Education & Training

The Diabetes Education Network (DEN), previously known as the Type 1 Education Network is an established network that many people in Scotland have already used for help and support when developing diabetes education models in their own areas. A regional network for Scotland has recently been formed.

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Action Plan

The Scottish Diabetes Action Plan 2010 is available here. Action Plan progress reports are available here.

The Diabetes Action Plan was developed following a wide consultation exercise undertaken in the summer of 2009. 85 organisations and many individuals provided helpful responses which were analysed and collated by the relevant subgroup of the Scottish Diabetes Group. This Action Plan continues the work set out in the 2006 Diabetes Action Plan and contributes to the Scottish Government's Quality Strategy.


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