Childhood & Adolescent Diabetes Scotland

A subgroup of the Scottish Diabetes Group comprising multidisciplinary representation of health care professionals from around Scotland involved in delivering diabetes care to children and young people with diabetes.

Diabetes Care Focus Group

A Scotland wide Patient sub group of the Scottish Diabetes Group.

Diabetes Education Advisory Group

A subgroup of the Scottish Diabetes Group comprising multidiscipline representation of health care professionals from around Scotland involved in delivering diabetes care and with an interest in diabetes education.

Diabetes Minority Ethnic Group

Black and minority ethnic people face multiple barriers in accessing patient centred, culturally sensitive information, education and access to appropriate health services.

The role of the group is to promote the prevention and early detection of diabetes and to improve the access and appropriateness of diabetes care for people from minority ethnic communities.

Diabetes Retinal Screening Collaborative

All details of the constitution, aims and objectives, membership and minutes of the meetings can be found at

Managed Clinical Networks

The group is composed of the MCN Managers and the Diabetes Clinical Leads for each Health Board. These two groups meet once a year together and a further two or three times separately.

Psychology Working Group

The working group comprises psychologists and clinicians with an interest in improving all aspects of psychological care of patients with diabetes.

Scottish Care Information – Diabetes Collaboration

The Scottish Care Information – Diabetes Collaboration (SCI-DC) Steering Group is a clinically led group which oversees all aspects of the National Diabetes Collaboration project. It sanctions the project structure, timescales and working responsibilities. Its membership represents all interests of the project.

Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group

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The Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group(SDFAG) is made up of Health-care professionals and service users who are dedicated to improving foot care for patients with diabetes across Scotland. It is chaired by a consultant in Diabetes (Prof Graham Leese), and there is a seconded National Diabetes Foot Co-ordinator (Duncan Stang) who is a retired specialist podiatrist and employed 2 days per week.

Scottish Diabetes Group

This group was formed in 2002 as the national steering group to take forward the implementation of the Scottish Diabetes Framework and the subsequent Action Plan. It aims to promote Scotland-wide collaboration, peer support and dissemination of best practice.

Survey Monitoring Group

The group was established in 2001 to oversee the development and evaluate the output of a national diabetes survey. The purpose of the survey is to improve patient care by encouraging better monitoring of diabetic patients against the St Vincent targets and to support and encourage implementation of best practice.

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