Diabetes Care Focus Group

Group Description

A Scotland wide Patient sub group of the Scottish Diabetes Group.

Aims and objectives

·To make a difference and improve the lives of people with diabetes in Scotland
·To work towards making a “Patient Centred NHS in Scotland” a reality and not just a statement
·Review the quality of Service Delivery
·Review structured education programmes and the roll out of these programmes
·Review quality of life considerations in all aspects of diabetes care.

Current activity

·Each member of the group has joined at least one of the other clinical sub-groups to make sure that the patient voice is heard on that group. Members on these different sub-groups then report back to the main group for wider discussion.
·Each member of the group will take every opportunity to drive the aims and objectives of the group at every opportunity and at every diabetes meeting they attend.

Future direction

·To undertake Diabetes Voices training and ensure group members are equipped to provide a patient voice in NHS Scotland
·To ensure widespread availability of structured education programmes for people with diabetes across Scotland.
·Effectively network to share the best practices and developments across the patient community.
·Ensure active, positive patient involvement in all sub groups.
·To drive awareness of and ensure extensive use of the patient portal


The membership of this group consists of people with diabetes or those who care for people with diabetes and representatives from agencies involved with the diabetes community.

Contact Details

To be advised