Diabetes Minority Ethnic Group

Group Description

Black and minority ethnic people face multiple barriers in accessing patient centred, culturally sensitive information, education and access to appropriate health services.

The role of the group is to promote the prevention and early detection of diabetes and to improve the access and appropriateness of diabetes care for people from minority ethnic communities.

Aims and objectives

· To improve the dissemination of information for the prevention and early detection of diabetes to minority ethnic people in Scotland.
· To identify examples of best practice and make recommendations about what steps might be taken to improve access to appropriate services.
· To develop robust plans to ensure that appropriate patient resources are available throughout Scotland to support minority ethnic people to manage their diabetes.
· To make recommendations to Health Boards and Managed Clinical Networks about implementing actions identified in the Scottish Diabetes Action Plan.
· To advise the Scottish Diabetes Group on how it should continue to support development of services that address the needs of minority ethnic groups.
· To make recommendations on improving communication between healthcare professionals, people with diabetes and their carers, the Voluntary Sector and other interested parties involved in diabetes care for minority ethnic groups.
·To produce regular progress reports to the Scottish Diabetes Group.

Current activity

Best practice across NHS Boards on working with minority ethnic groups has been collated. Work is on-going to produce a report with recommendations for SDG.

Other areas of work include:
Patient and professional education, improving data collection and developing and dissemination of information resources. A temporary website has been created with a video ‘Healthier Lifestyles through Users Voices’ in English and Urdu, which is currently being reviewed.

Future direction

To take forward the recommendations of the report as agreed by the SDG.


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