Psychology Working Group

Group Description

The working group comprises psychologists and clinicians with an interest in improving all aspects of psychological care of patients with diabetes.

Aims and objectives

• To develop ways of helping health professionals enhance their communication and behaviour change skills.
• To develop ways of improving the diagnosis and management of psychological morbidity in patients with diabetes.
• To guide the development of psychological interventions to improve health status.
• To integrate psychologists into the diabetes team.
These aims are being tackled by work on two project areas (see below).

Current activity

PID/PAD (Psychology in Diabetes/ Psychology and Diabetes) Project. Funding was provided by the Scottish Diabetes Group to appoint 5 part-time psychologists (three half time in adult services and two quarter time in transition services) across Scotland for a period of 3 years. Each health board was invited to bid for posts and the successful boards were Dumfries and Galloway (adult services), Grampian (transition services), Highland and Shetland (adult services, Lanark (adult services) and Lothian (transition services). All the posts were appointed between April and September 2010. The appointees meet regularly with members of the psychology working group to discuss progress and share information. The main task of the adult post holders is to develop and provide education in behaviour change and other psychological aspects of diabetes to all members of the diabetes teams in primary and secondary care. Implementation of screening procedures to detect psychological morbidity will be developed and also some one-to-one work with patients and co-working with health care professionals. The transition post-holders will also develop and support education for health care professionals but will also be involved in more one to one work with patients. It is anticipated that lessons learned from the project for best practice will be shared will all interested health boards across Scotland. Further details are available at: THE PiD/PaD PROJECT

Future direction

To establish a network of psychologists and clinicians working in diabetes across Scotland and ensure that psychologists become integral members of the diabetes multi-disciplinary team.


Contact Details

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