Scottish Diabetes Group

Group Description

This group was formed in 2002 as the national steering group to take forward the implementation of the Scottish Diabetes Framework and the subsequent Action Plan. It aims to promote Scotland-wide collaboration, peer support and dissemination of best practice.

Aims and objectives

To act as a national steering group to:
· co-ordinate and evaluate the implementation of the Scottish Diabetes Framework and Action Plan;
· oversee the review and ongoing development of the national diabetes strategy
· provide expert advice to the Scottish Government Health Directorate

Current activity

Future direction


Alison Diamond (Dietitian)
Alistair Emslie-Smith (Chair, SCI-DC Steering Group)
Andrew Gallagher (Lead Clinicians’ Group)
Ann Gold (Psychology group)
Brian Kennon (Vice Chair SDG, Chair Paeds and Adolescent Group)
Chris Kelly(Chair SDEAG)
Duncan Stang (Foot Action Group)
Elaine Wilson (MCN Managers’ Group)
Graham Leese (Chair, Foot Action Group) )
Helen Stevens (Scottish Government)
Iain Spence (Diabetes Care Focus Group representative)
Joan Ingram (JRDF)
John McCall (Podiatrist)
John McKnight (Lead Clinician and Chair)
John Petrie (Scottish Diabetes Research Network)
John Wilson (Scottish Government)
Melanie Littlewood (SDIG)
Mike Small (DRS)
Morag Low (Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse/Scottish Government Diabetes Action Plan Coordinator)
May Lavelle (Diabetes Specialist Nurse)
Richard Quigley (Primary Care Diabetes Society)
Smita Grant (Chair, Diabetes Minority Ethnic Group)

Contact Details

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