Childhood & Adolescent Diabetes Scotland

Group Description

A subgroup of the Scottish Diabetes Group comprising multidisciplinary representation of health care professionals from around Scotland involved in delivering diabetes care to children and young people with diabetes.

Aims and objectives

Ensure an improved and standardised approach to the care of all children and young adults with diabetes in Scotland in line with the Scottish Governments ‘Quality Strategy’ which aims to provide person centred, timely, safe, equitable, efficient and effective services. We propose to do this through taking on the following roles
·To advise the Scottish Diabetes Group (SDG) on the needs of professionals delivering diabetes care for children and young people with diabetes.
·To advise the Scottish Diabetes Group (SDG) on the needs of children, young people and their families living with diabetes.
·To review current transition arrangements for young people with diabetes moving from paediatric to adult diabetes services.
·To facilitate development of relevant educational resources for health professionals delivering diabetes care for children and young people with diabetes.
·To support the development of a national “Expectations” document for young people with diabetes in schools.
·To provide a central facility for the sharing of information and good practice for people involved with the care of young people with diabetes.
·Support the uptake of SCI-Diabetes within paediatric centres across Scotland.

Current activity

A paediatric and adolescent diabetes co-ordinator has been appointed with funds from the Scottish Diabetes Group for a period of 2 years to work with us to support the delivery of our key objectives. Steve Birnie started in post in May and is making excellent progress with the early objectives providing a comprehensive review of national paediatric and adolescent transitional services. The group is also involved with:
·Supporting the paediatric implementation of the new SCI-Diabetes system across Scotland, acting as a conduit for paediatric related changes that might be necessary to ensure the system functions effectively.
·Reviewing and making comment the extended Scottish Diabetes Standards and their application to paediatric and adolescent diabetes.
·Monitoring the issues surrounding the implementation of the paediatric pump provision initiative.
·Developing a central resource for sharing good ideas, education materials, research and useful links.

Future direction

·The provision of a national “expectations” document for diabetes care in Schools. This will involve a round table meeting of representatives from the health department, education department, head teachers, unions, medical staff parents and patients to discuss the issues faced and the best ways to overcome the challenges.
·Provide clearer guidance, training and support to help provide patient centred transition from paediatric to adult diabetes services with the aim of keeping young people engaged with the service through the difficult period of young adulthood.
·Review of educational literature provided for patients with diabetes and their families, with a view towards standardising this on a national basis. Taking the best of what is available whilst still allowing for local customisation.


Brian Kennon - Consultant Physician Glasgow (Chair)
Steve Birnie - Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes Co-ordinator
Vicky Alexander - Consultant Paediatrician Dundee
Louise Bath - Consultant Paediatrician Edinburgh
Isla Fairley - Diabetes Specialist Nurse Aberdeen
George Farmer - Consultant Paediatrician Inverness
Audrey Francis - Diabetes Specialist Nurse Dumfries
Kathryn Fraser - Diabetes Specialist Dietician Forth Valley
Stephen Greene - Consultant Paediatrician Dundee
Jane-Claire Judson - Director Diabetes UK Scotland
Kate McKay - SMO Paediatrics at the Scottish Government
Kenneth Robertson - Consultant Paediatrician Glasgow
Linda Robertson - Diabetes Specialist Nurse Fife
Karen Sharkey - Diabetes Specialist Dietician Borders
John Schulga - Consultant Paediatrician Forth Valley
Scott Williamson - Consultant Paediatrician Crosshouse

Contact Details

Dr Brian Kennon (Chair)
Consultant Physician
Southern General Hospital
1345 Govan Road
Glasgow G51 4TF
Tel no: 0141 201 1782

Steve Birnie
National Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes Co-ordinator
11 Menteith View
Dunblane FK15 0PD
Tel no: 07725 847462 or 01786 825855


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Amendments should be emailed to Steve Birnie (see above).

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