Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group

Group Description

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The Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group(SDFAG) is made up of Health-care professionals and service users who are dedicated to improving foot care for patients with diabetes across Scotland. It is chaired by a consultant in Diabetes (Prof Graham Leese), and there is a seconded National Diabetes Foot Co-ordinator (Duncan Stang) who is a retired specialist podiatrist and employed 2 days per week.

Aims and objectives

• Encourage the Recording of Foot Screening on the SCI-Diabetes system: 80% of all patients in Scotland
• Develop and maintain consistent patient information nationally
• Develop and maintain Risk Stratification Triage System
• Implement the CPR for Feet campaign in all care settings across Scotland
• Develop on line training programmes to support the implementation of CPR for Feet
• Encourage the use of the SCI-Diabetes Ulcer Management System
• Collect consistent and accurate data regarding Diabetes Foot Ulceration across Scotland

Current activity

CPR for feet

The Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group (SDFAG) is currently working on a National initiative called CPR for feet. This initiative is to try and make sure all patients with Diabetes who are admitted to hospital have their feet Checked on admission, if they are at risk of developing a foot ulcer their feet are Protected and if they have a current foot ulcer they are Referred appropriately. This is a simple concept to try and address a problem which was highlighted following an audit of 1,048 in-patients with diabetes which showed that:
• 2.4% of in patients with diabetes developed a new foot lesion whilst in hospital
• 57% of in patients had not had their feet checked
• 60% who were discovered to be at risk of developing a foot ulcer did not have any pressure relief in place
(Scottish Diabetes Foot Action Group 2013)

A LearnPro module is available to support this initiative and can be found at and is under the CPD section.
A new online training resource to support CPR for Feet has been developed in conjunction with NHS Education for Scotland and the Remote and Rural Healthcare Education Alliance and can be found at:

Further resources to aid the implementation of CPR for Feet include:
• CPR for Feet posters (see right-hand column)
• CPR for Feet poster algorithms (see right-hand column)
• CPR for Feet training manual (download here)
• CPR for Feet PowerPoint presentation (download here)
• Filmed CPR for Feet presentation at the London Diabetic Foot Conference October 2018
• CPR for Feet mirrored badges available from

Foot Health Information Leaflets for People with Diabetes

We have just completed the update of our Nationally agreed patient Foot Health Information Leaflets, and our Risk Stratification and Triage System which are downloadable from this website.

Diabetes Foot Screening

An online diabetes foot screening website is available free of charge to any Health Care worker who wishes to ensure they carry out foot screening in a standardised evidence based fashion and is available at

The SDFAG has worked collaboratively with Mydiabetesmyway to enable the private podiatry community to become more actively involved in diabetes foot screening and further management of foot health and contributing to national statistics via the SCI-Diabetes foot screening tool.

Podiatry competency framework

The SDFAG worked in collaboration with Foot in Diabetes United Kingdom (FDUK) and Wounds UK to produce a Podiatry diabetes competency framework which can be accessed at

Future direction

• The SDFAG is working very closely with the Scottish Diabetes Group in relation to collecting accurate national data regarding Diabetes foot ulceration rates and patient access to appropriate services. This information will be collected from each Health Board as part of a ‘Diabetes Dashboard’ and will contribute more accurate data for the Scottish Diabetes Survey
• Encourage the use of the SCI-Diabetes Ulcer management System through education, training and awareness raising
• Continue to encourage the good practice of foot risk stratification and support MCN’s to carry this out, especially those with the lowest rates.
• Continue working with Mydiabetesmyway to further promote links to the private podiatry community in relation to foot screening


The group includes consultants with an interest in diabetes foot Services from across Scotland, Podiatry Specialists in Diabetes, Orthotists with interests in Diabetes and Service Users.
We have 4 meetings per year which generally alternate between Edinburgh and Glasgow.