Managed Clinical Networks

Group Description

The group is composed of the MCN Managers and the Diabetes Clinical Leads for each Health Board. These two groups meet once a year together and a further two or three times separately.

Aims and objectives

·Share ideas and best practice
· Advise on the implementation of the Scottish Diabetes Action Plan
· Advise on the development of improved diabetes services across Scotland
· Encouraging standardisation of diabetes care throughout Scotland recognising differences in each region
·To facilitate patient-centred services

Current activity

· Working with National Procurement to rationalise blood glucose strip purchase for Scotland
· Assessing progress of the MCNs against the Scottish Diabetes Action Plan
· Ensuring that the strategy is in line with Better Health Better Care
· Ensuring the work of the diabetes community in Scotland is communicated to the Scottish Government Health Directorate
· Participating in the SIGN 55 guideline selective update process

Future direction

·Supporting the shift of the balance of care to primary care
·Improving management of inpatients with diabetes
·Working with all agencies to ensure smooth transition to new HbA1c measurements
·Promoting wider use of the SCI-DC products


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