Scottish Care Information – Diabetes Collaboration

Group Description

The Scottish Care Information – Diabetes Collaboration (SCI-DC) Steering Group is a clinically led group which oversees all aspects of the National Diabetes Collaboration project. It sanctions the project structure, timescales and working responsibilities. Its membership represents all interests of the project.

Aims and objectives

· Provide strategic direction for the development of SCI-DC products, in line with national IM&T strategy
· Oversee and support the development of SCI-DC in its objective to deliver a national diabetes IT solution in support of patient care for Scotland
· Support NH Scotland in the use and understanding of SCI-DC products
· Review regularly the National Clinical Dataset for Diabetes to ensure that the system remains interoperable and fit for purpose
· To assist in the development of subspecialty specific datasets
· Ensure that the recipient health communities have developed clear lines of communication and know how they will use the system.
· Oversee risks and issues for the project, and provide advice and guidance to the SCI-DC Operations Manager as required.

Current activity

· Application and technal support
· Change requests as directed by the Product Development Group.
· Support for the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (DRS) programme’s interface enhancement in conjunction with the Soarian system.
· Back-Population of Primary Care systems from SCI-DC.
· Completing the piloting of four of the five new GCS Clinical systems modules which provide clinical functionality for Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Dieticians, Paediatricians and Podiatrists.
· Clinical Audit using Business Objects
· Data Dictionary development to support clinical audit and secondary data use
· Enhanced GMS Contct support
· Scottish Diabetes Survey
· Development of sophisticated data interface moniting facilities.
· Update of the existing SCI-DC Clinical system technological platform.
· Research Links – Scottish Diabetes Research Network’s (SDRN) patient consent registration
· SweetTalk – Te messaging reminders
· Patient Access
· Links to Biochemistry information via SCI Store

Future direction

· Implementation of the GCS Clinical system and the phasing out of the existing Clinical system.
· Support, development and implementation of processes and procedures to allow the disaggregation of Argyll and Clyde.
· Review and upgrade of existing Network screens and platform technology.
· Quality assurance of data to include processes to flag data perceived as erroneous.
· Replacement of the Validatn system.
· Further Clinical Audit using Business Objects.
· Cross Boundary functionality
· Decision Support functionality.


Membership is by invitation and includes clinicians from primary and secondary care, project team members, representatives of ISD and the SEHD, plus chairs of the SCI-DC Product Group and Implementation Group.

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