Survey Monitoring Group

Group Description

The group was established in 2001 to oversee the development and evaluate the output of a national diabetes survey. The purpose of the survey is to improve patient care by encouraging better monitoring of diabetic patients against the St Vincent targets and to support and encourage implementation of best practice.

Aims and objectives

· Monitor and provide advice on the establishment and development of the Scottish Diabetes Survey, and to comment on the quality of the data and the systems used by Health Boards to provide the data.
· Ensure that data submitted for inclusion in the national diabetes register conforms to all data protection and data security requirements
· Evaluate, on the basis of the Scottish Diabetes Survey, the progress of Health Boards in delivering diabetes services to their population and monitor Scotland’s performance in meeting the St Vincent Declaration targets.
· Report to the Chief Medical Officer

Current activity

The group is about to receive the data for the 2010 survey and will be preparing the report for publication in the spring of 2011. Data has been collected from the 14 Health Boards and is undergoing analysis.Survey Monitoring Group is supporting work being undertaken by the Scottish Diabetes Research Network to improve validity of the data. Future data items for the survey are being identified.

Future direction

· Identify specific uses for the data to ensure the data is used for service improvement
· Include the reporting of attendance at structured education sessions
· Use the data to link with prescribing data· Improve recording of data on foot ulceration
· Undertake analysis by deprivation


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