This Structured Diabetes Education Programme was developed by Sunita Wallia, Specialist Community Dietitian, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Linda Lee, Multicultural Health Officer assisted with piloting the Chinese group education sessions.

The Scottish Government Health Directorate funded the Diabetes in Minority Ethnic Group – sub group of the Scottish Diabetes Group to appoint an Ethnic Minority Development Officer through a partnership between Diabetes UK Scotland and the National Resource Centre for Ethnic Minority Health (NRCEMH) to help develop this programme into an Education pack.

Education packs have been made available as an On-line Resource by NHS Lothian, Minority Ethnic Health Inclusion Service (MEHIS) with funding from The Scottish Government’s Diabetes Group.

Grateful thanks to The Scottish Diabetes Group, for funding the development of this Education Resource Acknowledgements and thanks are also due to the following people and organisations:

  • Diabetes Minority Ethnic Group, sub group of the Scottish Diabetes Group.
  • Diabetes UK: Ethnic Minority Development Officer: Anne-Marie Love.
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurses: Jackie Templeton, Annette Rankin, Linda Burns, Lesley Barrow, Cathy Scullion and Fiona Jamieson.
  • Dietitians: Jill Alexander, Alison Weir.
  • MEHIS: On-line Diabetes Education Resource Development
  • NRCEMH : Director: Dr R Gardee.
  • Pharmacists: Richard Lowrie, Alia Gilani, Sheila Tennant.
  • Podiatrists: Paul Higgins and team.
  • The Scottish Government Health Directorate: Craig Bell, David Cline.

Managers, Staff and Users:

  • Chinese Healthy Living Centre, Glasgow.
  • Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and the Multicultural Day Care Centres, Glasgow