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News (Archive)

Scottish Diabetes Survey 2013 published

The annual Scottish Diabetes Survey collates data submitted by all 14 NHS Boards on the number of people with diabetes, the effects on their health and the progress being made to improve the delivery and outcomes of care for diabetes. The Survey enables NHS Boards to examine trends over time, benchmark their performance with other areas of the country and identify any issues for investigation or improvement.

The 2013 survey shows there have been significant improvements in people living with diabetes having their HbA1c recorded, accessing retinopathy screening and achieving good control of their blood pressure.

The survey also highlights some challenges for NHS Scotland. The number of people with diabetes continues to increase, increasing organisational and resource pressures on Boards. A high percentage of people with type 1 diabetes have poor glycaemic control; additionally a high number of people with type 1 diabetes have no record of having had a recent eye screening.

The survey also helps the Scottish Diabetes Group to understand the progress being made with the Scottish Diabetes Action Plan and informs the identification of priorities for the future. The goal remains to improve the quality of diabetes care in Scotland and help ensure that people living with diabetes receive world class, safe, effective and person-centred care. You can access the survey here.

Diabetes Education Network Scotland (DENS) meeting report

The Scottish Diabetes group supported a DENS meeting at the Beardmore Conference centre on the 3rd of June 2009. A total of 81 delegates, steering group members and speakers attended the event representing a wide range of health care professionals from primary care, secondary care and paediatric services as well as service users and managers.

Feedback from the day was very positive and a number of ideas for future meetings were generated.

During the day delegates were asked to consider the questions in the ‘Better Diabetes Care’ consultation document addressing structured education. It was agreed that a joint document of participant’s response to these questions would be drawn up on behalf of those attending and submitted by the DENS steering group.

Presentation slides from the day are available on the Education for Patients page.

Needs assessment for Type 2 diabetes

The Scottish Public Health Network is undertaking a needs assessment for Type 2 diabetes in Scotland. This will update the last needs assessment, undertaken in 1999, and has been requested by the Scottish Diabetes Group because of the increase in prevalence of Type 2 diabetes, better diabetes data capture and the ongoing debate about population screening for Type 2 diabetes. The project is being lead by Professor Norman Waugh from the University of Aberdeen and is due to report in April 2009

Scottish Diabetes Education Network discussions

On 6th October the Scottish Diabetes Group and Diabetes UK Scotland will be supporting a meeting to formally open up discussion to establish a Scottish Diabetes Education Network.

The Diabetes Education Network (DEN), previously known as the Type 1 Education Network is an established network that many people in Scotland have already used for help and support when developing diabetes education models in their own areas. A Scottish Diabetes Education Network would mean that diabetes educators could better utilise, share and benefit from colleagues’ experiences locally and develop appropriate resources and national standards for diabetes education delivery within the UK. A Scottish DEN would give educators the opportunity to organise and deliver local & regional meetings throughout Scotland that will address issues pertinent to diabetes education practise in Scotland whilst still being part of a larger affiliated UK network. Northern Ireland has already set up a regional network in 2007 and Wales will be having a launch event for the Welsh DEN on 22nd October.

The meeting will feature short informal presentations from educators from across Scotland outlining their current diabetes education activities. Followed by an open discussion forum on ideas and thoughts about taking the education network forward and establishing a small steering group. David Cavan, Consultant Physician, Bournemouth and Joan Everett, DSN, Bournemouth will be there to facilitate discussion and share their experience of establishing the National Network.

This is an exciting development that links closely with some of the aims set out in the Scottish Diabetes Action Plan to ‘enhance patient self-care and self management'.

View meeting report

National initiative to rationalise purchase of blood glucose strips

There is a national initiative underway to rationalise the purchase of blood glucose strips for NHS Scotland. Patients, carers, nurses, biochemists and others are all involved in assessing the current range of blood glucose strips with a view to drawing up specifications that will suit hospital, community and individual patient use. The process is also beginning to look at insulin pumps and consumables.

Worldwide agreement to standardise HbA1c

There has been agreement worldwide to standardise HbA1c (the measurement used to assess a person's overall blood glucose control). The new measure, which will be recorded in mmol/mol, will be reported on all patients from June 2009. Because the results are so different (an HbA1c of 7% will equate to 53 mmol/mol in the new measure, for example) it is proposed both methods will be reported until April 2011, when only the new method will be reported. Education materials for patients and healthcare professionals are being developed.

HbA1c Standardisation (Clinical Health Care Professionals) leaflet
HbA1c Standardisation (Laboratory Professionals) leaflet
HbA1c Standardisation (People with Diabetes) leaflet

Scottish Diabetes Action Plan being revised. Consultation finishes 22 August.

The Scottish Diabetes Action Plan is being revised. A consultation document is being developed and will be posted here when it is finalised. It is anticipated that the revised Action Plan will be published towards the end of the year. 2. The consultation period for the revised diabetes Action Plan will finish on 22 August, so there is still time for comments to be submitted.

Scottish Diabetes Survey 2009

The Scottish Diabetes Survey is now in its ninth year. This 2009 Survey, as with previous versions, continues to demonstrate an increase in the prevalence of diabetes and an increase in recording key data that reflects the quality of diabetes care across the whole of Scotland. This provides useful information for the Scottish Diabetes Action Plan review and should aid and influence NHS Boards in Scotland in service planning, audit and with quality improvement. It also offers great potential for epidemiological research. You can access the survey here.

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